Flooring Installation in Springfield, IL

The flooring in your home is a major contributor to the overall design of every room. The right flooring installation in Springfield, IL can catapult a great design into something truly beautiful!

When it comes time to revamp the flooring in your home or lay down new material for a room-specific remodel, enlist the help of RenuKey Flooring & Cabinets. We’ll introduce you to a full range of materials and options, so you can be sure you’re getting the absolute best for your living space.

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  • Hardwood:

    Nothing matches the timeless appeal, durability and prestige of hardwood flooring in Springfield, IL. Let us introduce you to different grains and stains, to help you find the combination that’s ideal for your home.

  • Carpeting:

    Our design consultants will show you a broad range of carpet fiber styles and colors, so you can choose the right aesthetic for your room. Carpet is great for noise reduction, barefoot comfort, homes with children and more.

  • Laminate:

    Laminate flooring is a great option for cost-conscious homeowners who want the glowing appeal of quality flooring in their kitchen or bathroom. We offer laminate options in a broad range of colors and patterns, for maximum appeal.

  • Tile:

    Durable, waterproof and full of aesthetic potential, it’s time to make tile part of your kitchen or bathroom! We bring you numerous tile sizes, colors and materials, so you can create a beautiful complement to your kitchen or bathroom.

  • Rugs:

    We have a variety of different rugs that are great for all décor styles and rooms. Rugs are best laid to accent the room, while also protecting hardwood or tile flooring from heavy foot traffic.


Quality in every square, setting standards in flooring

For more information about any of these flooring types or to consult directly with a designer in your own home, we’ll bring samples to you, so you can see exactly how transformative quality flooring can be.

Contact RenuKey Flooring & Cabinets today at 217-670-1528 to start planning your remodel.

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